Colebrooke River 3

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May 242017
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There’s a confidence within the river of its structure; it rarely changes. There are always pools in the same areas, always riffles in the same areas. What changes is what lies on them or hangs over them. Usually leaves in Autumn but now in Spring all the beech bud fragments dot the area giving it almost an autumnal feel! After a big flood there’s lots of plastic. There was otter spraint on various prominent rocks too. Maybe on my next foray I can photograph an otter! I saw a dipper, yellow and pied wagtails, plus a heron on this visit. It’s amazing what you can find in a short stretch of river. I look forward to more explorations down here.

Yes, indeed, why am I not down here everyday? It’s an absolute gem!

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  1. Anita, I can see from your comments and the three images how much this river means to you. I would love to see in the future some images that go even deeper and express specific aspects of this environment that are important to you. There are many elements in the images that fascinate me and I am not even there!

    • Thanks John, I did photograph some elements closer on this visit but didn’t get anything that I thought was worth anything! I love the flow patterns from the foam, that’s probably my favourite aspect. There are key rock formations that stand out. There is a diversity of foliage on the banks that’s worth exploring. The wildlife is another aspect too, and I was surprised how close some of the birds were happy to get! There were some fabulous abstract reflections of the foliage on the water alongside the flow. I also enjoyed the movement of the foliage in the breeze that morning with the long shutter speeds. I’ve been back since that visit one morning when the fog was rising, though it lifted quickly. There was steam rising from the surface which was a lovely addition. Actually there’s been a horse and rider in the river a few nights recently in the warm weather. Haven’t seen it for myself as yet but knowing where they enter the water, the backdrop is gorgeous. There’s no end of potential down there! Actually I’m chomping at the bit to head there now!

  2. This series has instantly taken me back to the side of the river.

    To me, as a place, it felt both peaceful and a hive of activity at the same time. You have captured that essence.

    When we were there I felt very much a visitor – I could peek in and look around but didnt have the time to simply be in the place. Im looking forward to seeing the variations that you come to know.

    • Thanks Ian. I recall watching you photograph a different aspect to me too! There is a lot of weed with the pretty flowers growing now too.

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