Colebrooke River 2

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May 232017
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Inside the river corridor feels secure, calming and protective of its contents. Only a burst of sunlight dapples the surface as it beams through the gaps within the trees.

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  3 Responses to “Colebrooke River 2”

  1. Oh! You make me want to be there. The words truly echo what I feel when I look at your picture. The surface looks like ice (or maybe that’s my location based perspective, we’ve had a bit of a chilly polar blast).

    • Come on over Jenny! Not ice on the surface but lots of foam bubbles that all merge to form the streamers of white lines with the long shutter speeds. I’ve managed to fit in another trip to the river since these photographs were made!

      • I figured that with the lovely lush spring growth! I think that was what was fascinating – that little mental note of discord between an impression and what is truth.

        It’s in our next travel plan – although a house build at least away yet!

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