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May 222017
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The Colebrooke river runs behind my house and around our farm for approximately 1 km. It’s a place I’ve always loved since I was a child. In those days I went exploring for fossils in the rocks, and was spooked by the ‘cave’ along the steep side, or rather it’s potential contents! I dabbled in the water to find all the invertebrates, maybe that’s why I became a freshwater scientist!

When Ian visited me last summer and we spent some time at the river, he questioned ‘why are you not down here every day?’. Well the usual excuses abounded but I do at least think of going there every day and I do look at it every day. But that’s not enough! I have been watching the water levels over the last few months as we’ve had a particularly, and highly unusual, dry period so the flow has been low for the time of year. That exposes some lovely boulders and allows the easy traverse of the river and access for photography.

I escaped from the house just after 6am last Sunday with the camera and tripod. The light wasn’t what I wanted, as it was sunny. I knew the light I wanted had been there on Friday, but I didn’t have time for any photography that day! It was misty, and subdued, and what I wanted for the mood. Still, now was the time. I was ‘lost’ for almost 4 hours, and couldn’t believe that the text of ‘when will you be back?’ didn’t come!

I’ve always loved being around and photographing water. I love the sound of it, the smell of it and the patterns it makes as it just keeps on flowing past.

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes: so with present time. Leonardo da Vinci.

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  1. I see this as a very calming and spiritual place, Anita. I can see why you enjoy this river and its space and why it shaped your future. If you can instil those feelings and your love of this place in your boys that will be a wonderful achievement. I know how you feel about visiting here every day, as I am the same with the forest at my front door! We can’t always visit our favourite spaces and photograph them as often as we like, as we do get lost in time, and real life and responsibilities call. It is great for your soul and at least being there on fewer occasions helps to keep it a special place with special memories.

    • Thanks Barbara, yes it is just like ‘your trees’! Actually there are some trees near the river that are what I call ‘my version of Barbara’s trees’! Must put some photos of them up sometime! The boys are growing to love the river too. They have built a den down there recently and love taking friends there to explore. It’s certainly a great spot!

  2. What a wonderfully peaceful spot, Anita. I’d be down there all the time. Nothing would get done! These images have captured the feeling of your river beautifully.

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