May 212017
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I have had in the past euphoric dreams of flying and a few belong to the flying club – not everyone has them. Mine sometimes have fearful elements with hazards, chaos but the sense of leaving the ground cannot be conveyed by my inadequate words. This an attempt to recapture this elusive utopia.

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  5 Responses to “I dream of soaring above – Sue Morton”

  1. Sue you have captured that feeling for me. I can feel myself now soaring as I remember in dreams. Thank you for creating something that evokes those feelings so well!

  2. I like this as i have had similar dreams to this often. Before i go to sleep I frequently will myself to have this dream. It is one of the nicest feelings, flying over cities and countrysides as free as a bird. Iused to believe when I was a child and young adult that i was actually astro travelling and whose to say i wasn’t? Cheers janet

  3. I’ve dreamt of flying many times but from recollection all are fraught with nearly hitting things and last minute swoops to avoid something! Great image though!

  4. I dont dream about flying (or at least I dont remember dreaming about flying) but I do do it for real quite a bit.

    For me the biggest difference between flying and aeroplane and looking out the side window is the sense that you are travelling towards something rather than past something.

    I get the sense of “towards” with this picture.

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