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A discussion John and I were having about being stuck has prompted this little series. He challenged me to document our nomad life. In various ways I’ve tried this, but it’s amazing how quickly the different becomes the norm, I look around me and don’t see anything different, or special to document about what we are doing. We still have a house, shoes at the door, a bed to sleep in, meals are prepared, and the cat sleeps on, oblivious. It’s just the scale and location that are different. I’m sure anyone else would be able to recognise many more differences, but to me now they’re just every day life.

For some time now I’ve been following David Duchemin at Craft and Vision – – I like his work, and philosophy. I’ve purchased a few of his e-books, the most recent being “Making the Image”. Amongst the creative exercises was one to make 12 images of something, anything, and use a series of questions he posed to drive them. So the cat became my target.

The first question was “Is this a photograph I want to make? Why?”

The Blonde One has been in our family for 17 years now. I’m sad to say, she’s on her way out. So there’s a very personal reason for me to make these pictures. I want to remember. The kids want to remember.

She was feisty, and a lethal weapon when it came to rodents, and ankles down the hallway. Her real name is Wanda (we had fish at the time called Fluffy and Bounce, so it seemed appropriate to name her after a fish), but many, many times her actions were completely unfathomable to us, hence the nickname that stuck.

Now, deaf and blind, all she wants to do is sleep. Or maybe it’s just that everything else is too hard.

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  2 Responses to “The Blonde One, Pureora – March 2017”

  1. Jenny tis lovely sensitive series had my emotions go all soft. Yes, we can take nothing for granted and the love we have for our companions in immense. Your images hit a very soft spot, especially because you care so much. Your empathy and care for The Blonde One is very touching. I love this simple but powerful set of images, you communicate so well.

  2. So lovely. Gorgeous old soul. What a fab idea.
    My treasured cat of 18 years died a couple of months ago and it was a sad passing but a relief for him. I even took shots of the dead body. Bought a white rose buried him near it, made a painted flower covered cross with RIP . It helped me deal with it and now we have a new kitten who is a treasure and who brings a lot of life and laughter to our home. So your little photo essay struck a chord with me Cheers janet

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