Apr 092017
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We’ve been back in New Zealand since the beginning of November, and I’ve hardly picked up my camera. I’ve taken snaps on my phone and, on odd occasions, my camera. With an aGathering post deadline fast approaching I thought I’d better do something. I didn’t want to share one of my earlier images – it feels like they were created by another person and to present them now, when I’m just a shade of ‘me’, almost felt like I was considering stealing another person’s art.

For the past three months we’ve been living with my sister and her partner, at Atawhai. I’ve lived here before, and I never tire of the view out across the Haven, the boulder bank and Tasman Bay, to the mountains and national park. So, I decided I wanted my image to be a reminder of my time here and of that view. This isn’t the image I was planning, but this is my image.

At the end of April we’re off to the Sunshine Coast of Australia for at least a few months. I’m hopeful that our new adventure will rekindle my enthusiasm for playing with my camera and creating images.

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  4 Responses to “Nelson Haven – Vicki Slade”

  1. We loved that area too. I like your comments about not putting in photos from the past, I can resonate with that too. We continue on our photographic spectrum and find that we evolve little by little. Enjoy the next phase!

    • Thank you for your feedback, Anita. I am hoping that I can re-kindle my enthusiasm for portraits because I feel it’s important somehow. Time will tell!

  2. Vicki, sorry to lose you to another country again but have a great time. Just remember to come back at some stage.
    Your image conveys the feeling of expanse and the tones and hue have a restful feel. So true of the area.
    I like that you have used the word ‘playing’ when talking about photography. Often when we think about our photography and feel stuck it seems like a chore or a hill to climb. That’s the time to say to ourselves, lets just play with the camera and see what happens.

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