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  5 Responses to “Couple”

  1. Three images….not one word written. Yet they SCREAM out a story, this is some of the best you have posted Tim. For me you have just lifted the bar a few notches. Thank you.

  2. Isn’t art interesting – variety of expression Tim.
    Three different types of images that relate deeply to one major experience in your life.

  3. yes three quite different images that tell a story clearly close to me at the moment. Our new format allows this to happen , which I am grateful for.

  4. Isnt it incredible that we sometimes make images for one reason, or perhaps no reason at all other than that they are there to be made, and then years later they tell the story that they were made to tell…….

  5. I am really enjoying the sets you are all posting at the moment. They do allow for a story to be told. Tim, I think this series so well expresses your recent experiences and yours and Ann’s love. Beautiful. I agree with everyone’s above comments

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