Dunedin Colour 3

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Mar 252017
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As I complete this set there is one thing that has shone strongly to me, its colour and brightness. Its isn’t something that has been prevalent lately in my image making. Life has been a bit tough recently, some of you know why and that’s not important, but that little interlude seems to be in my rear view mirror getting smaller and smaller each day. I obviously had recognised this but its not until we were out with Daints and I got home and processed these three shots that I was truly aware of how much improvement I’ve made.
They say every image you take is a self portrait, not in the literal sense even though sometimes some people do, but in a reflection of ones self. I was never sure of this until right now!

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  2 Responses to “Dunedin Colour 3”

  1. Ferg, before seeing the comments you have made tonight I had sensed a change just from the images and was all ready to say that when I logged in. What I am trying to say is it showed through to me without having to read your comments. One, glad to hear how you are now feeling. Two, love the images – the richness of the colours and how you have observed aspects of your city.

  2. Nice series Ferg! Like lots of aspects and I think the second one is my favourite too. Sorry to hear about life being tough. That’s when I turn to my motto ‘where there’s challenge, there’s growth’. It’s super hard to see at the time but on reflection it’s there.

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