Dunedin Colour 1

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We have recently been privileged to host as our guest Graham Dainty. Oh what a task that is you are all thinking but what he did was force me out with my camera in hand and get me to slow down and look in a different way at the city I’m now living in.
Its interesting that the last few posts here have been about people visiting or revisiting places and the sense of belonging that comes from those places. I really didn’t realize that I had this connection until Graham forced me to slow down and appreciate it.

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  3 Responses to “Dunedin Colour 1”

  1. Reminds me of the colours from the Highlanders “away” strip…………. so very popular in Dunedin!!

  2. Great series Ferg. I’ve enjoyed the out of the way places you’ve captured, details that are what they are, nothing tricked up or gaudy. My fav is # 2. It’s hard to hard to ignore blue and gold together, but not because of the Highlanders, sorry!

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