Waikari, Church of the Ascension

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Mar 222017
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Small, dark, cool, the smell of wood and old books, the sound of a bell on a rope being pulled before a service, the sound of a pedal organ, pumping furiously, having to sit still, singing, the glare of bright sunshine at the end. A doll or a book to keep us occupied.

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  3 Responses to “Waikari, Church of the Ascension”

  1. Mentally, I created a picture of the inside of this church based on each thing you wrote and I looked back at your photo and it’s the outside of it. Yet each thing you wrote about has a photo for me, mentally retrieved from churches I’ve been in, or previous experiences listening to a bell pealing, or organ pumping. The same applies for your previous image, that time I’m in countless halls and can just about feel the butterflies of excitement and anticipation!

    Your first image was of the outside, looking in.

    Just my observations!

    Nice series!

    • Thank you Anita.

      Sadly, the church door was locked. I had only my memory that day. Perhaps locked church doors is a sign of the times. What a shame.

      One day I’ll go back to Waikari after arranging to see inside and
      discover if my memory was tricked into recalling these details.

  2. Jenny, looking at this set and your title has raised an interesting question for me. You have shown us a sense of place very well in an historical and physical sense. The thought is,I wonder what sense of place Jenny will have artistically during her journey of study. I am sure it will be exciting. Maybe in future posts there may be some glimpses along the way.

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