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Mar 202017
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Following on from Bruce’s series about a sense of place, like Bruce I have been interested in a sense of place for a while too. I made this series while I was studying for a diploma in 2014. I’ve just started studying again and we’ve been required over the last few weeks to work towards a gaining a sense of place in a new environment. That got me thinking about the series I did on Waikari.

I wasn’t born in Waikari, a small township in North Canterbury, but I spent all my primary school years there. To me it feels like the place where I grew up, as one of four kids in a farming family. I look back fondly on this place.

This is the view of the valley from the main street. Our farm was just beyond the hills in the distance and it took about 10 minutes to get to school on the NZR bus.

Views of this valley are indelibly imprinted on my brain.

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  1. And we lived in Colverden when I was little. Dad was a teacher at the area school and drove one of the school bus routes.

    When we left he was given a painting, made somewhere on his bus route, of those snow covered peaks in the middle of this image. I instantly recognised them.

    The sense of place is an enduring thing

  2. So now, Jenny, you have me wondering – what else in Waikari gives you a sense of place.

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