Mar 192017
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This image is one of a series developing around my own personal nightmares and dreams – recurring and disturbing.
Mind pictures that have deeper hidden messages especially if remembered on awakening and then filter into the new day.
The composite images are all my own and an attempt to reconstruct the images hovering in my subconscious and perhaps assist in dealing with the underlying nucleus of their occurrence by bringing them into daylight.

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  4 Responses to “Nightmare I – Tornado – Sue Morton”

  1. Thank you Sue for joining us as an Artist in Residence – welcome.
    What I like is that this post is so different to other work posted on aGathering.
    Coming from Christchurch and experiencing what the earthquake did, I can connect to your depiction of chaos due to nature.
    I hope creating this artwork has a therapeutic influence on your life.

    • Thanks John – I am honoured to be among such a talented bunch of photographers.
      I find dreams fascinating occurrences and sometimes I find them addressing issues presented during the day – they can be quite humbling and sharp
      I also love using photoshop even if it is frustrating!

  2. Welcome Sue! I love that you are trying to physically recreate your nightmares; it will be a form of therapy indeed. I too can connect with the chaos of earthquakes as John mentioned, and have wanted to make a series of images connected to that. Not brought them to fruition as yet but lurking in brain cells deep within!

    • Thanks Anita – quite daunting putting up my first image! Not all my dreams are bad but usually chaotic – it certainly gives me lots to work on

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