Oturehua 3 – Aspects of Community

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Mar 182017
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And here ends the series.

If you want a closer look at each image they can tolerate a fair amount of zoom in your browser.

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  5 Responses to “Oturehua 3 – Aspects of Community”

  1. ….. a clever way of fitting 6 images into a set of 3!!!

    The set shows how well it works to see something and then explore a little deeper.

    Although number ! makes a superb statement of place, the set of 6 tied together by the yellow tells a much deeper story

    • Thanks Ian – Glad you enjoyed the series. I have to say – I thought it was 3 postings not 3 images – or was that presumptuous? 🙂 Someone has to test the boundaries sometime …. why not me?

  2. The opportunity to post three images (though some squeeze in six!) has changed how most of us are presenting work. I like it.
    I think your statement of place may have started something. I thought that before and now I know, having just seen Jenny’s post.

  3. Wow Bruce, knowing the area as I do you’ve done a great job of capturing the essence of it for me. Community, isolation, abandonment but most of all the warmth within the area. Thank you.

    So that’s six images squeezed in so who is going for seven? Anyone game?

  4. Bruce, and others, your series about a Sense of Place has set this transplant thinking. Where is my place? I used to think it is where my heart is – and now I don’t know where that is. That could be the beginning of another series but how to portray it in photographs? That is the question I am now pondering and have for some time ????

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