Oturehua 1: Community

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Mar 162017
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For a while I have had a sense that “place” is becoming more important and that something about “place” needs to be captured. No real conscious thought or action on my part, just a nagging deep down. So, I took to my catalogue to see if my subconscious had being doing its work now that I am conscious of the need to document “place”. Surprise surprise – a few little vignettes of “place” appear here and there. Oturehua, a small town in the Ida Valley of the Maniototo. Population 27. Sense of community

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  4 Responses to “Oturehua 1: Community”

  1. This is my favourite photograph of your series, which has a great composition with the lines down to the hall! Enjoyed the treatment of each image too. Certainly it gives a view of a small town and the happenings within it, without a person in sight! Nice.

  2. This one is my favourite from the series as well – it really is a statement of place

    The blue yellow thing and the power lines pulling me in work really well and I adore the shadow that looks like a music notation. That shadow drew me to imagine then sounds of stillness on a fresh morning.

  3. Bruce, I agree with Anita, this is my favourite image of your series. I think that is because of the choice of subject. I really like the idea of small country halls, in a Laurence Aberhart sort of a way. I spoke to my mother after the series of images I made of halls for my diploma, commenting to her that the halls were often in the middle of nowhere. It seemed to me that perhaps a farmer had carved off a corner of a paddock to provide the land, the community raised the money and the men built the hall while the ladies fed everyone and the kids played, oblivious to the sacrifices a War Memorial Hall commemorates. She replied, “Yes dear, but what you have to remember is that they may well be in the middle of nowhere but they are at the centre of everything”. Wise woman.

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