Mar 082017
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Continuing the series.

As I post this, the harvest is almost finished, and with it, my unique viewpoint. Much, much more work to follow on with.

This is a beginning for further exploration. I hope I have enough material for this season.

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  3 Responses to “Grasses IV, Paradise Valley – January 2017”

  1. I loved this series Jen.

    Instantly, each of them in their own way, took me to a summer place. I could smell the freshly cut grass and feel the crunch as I walked over the field.

    But then I wondered where you wanted me to go with the unique processing. The “what else” part……

    In the end I decided that, for me, the surreal part isnt about a “what else” but instead it simply encourages me to imagine. So I can smell and feel and sense even better.

  2. Like this series Jen. The predominance of blues and purples is unexpected given the subject matter. That got my attention and made me think of the paddocks differently. Of course, I like things to be made more abstract.

  3. Beautiful series Jen. As we contemplate our shift to the Wairarapa I have grass in my mind – and how to harvest it before it takes us over! Summer comes through strongly with your images and your gentle design and use of texture excited me.

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