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To me religion takes a simple spiritual concept and then builds a complex structure around it. Often loosing the original idea.

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  1. I agree completely Tim but I think the complexity thing is broader than religion.

    Take government for example. Democracy is a simple concept but it breeds a huge, complex and stifling bureaucracy.

    So that got me thinking – does power create complexity to protect itself from a challenge?

    Perhaps but more likely it is just that, as a species, we like rules. Give us a set of rules and we can just blindly follow them without having to think or take responsibility for ourselves…..

    The image expresses a simple concept tangled in structure very well…

  2. The concept of institutions losing sight of their purpose is very real but does not just apply to religion unfortunately. But on the other hand, we seem to need some structure in our life as Ian says. Don’t know what the answer is but your image gets me thinking.

  3. Nicely put together! The crossed parts remind me of an Irish wheat cross called Brigid’s Cross! You can see more about it here's_cross.

    Four arms with a woven square in the middle. Supposed to bring protection from harm. There are people who believe that about religion too.

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