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Feb 272017
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My series of three photographs have all been made in Iceland, just prior to Christmas. This is a lighthouse on the south coast. I wanted to show symmetry, emptiness surrounding it and the transition from land to sea.

The lighthouse has a great responsibility.

In Iceland I was taken by the wide open spaces, uncluttered land and in my bid to escape from the busyness of family life, especially in the run up to Christmas, it was just the space and mental decluttering that I needed.

I have great responsibility too.

If the lighthouse fails to keep on shining, all around it may founder!

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  8 Responses to “Responsibility”

  1. Powerful

  2. Restrained, simple, my kind of image. Iceland is on my bucket list. I’m looking forward to the next two.

    • Thank you. We were in Iceland for 5 days, weather was horrible – rain, gales, but what we could see of the countryside – absolutely stunning! Flights are cheap from Belfast to Rejkavik so consider a stop in Northern Ireland first!

  3. I absolutely love this Anita……I think you have found another quiet place for me to visit.

    • Thank you, indeed there were many places that were just pure solitude. The weather wasn’t conducive to sitting around in but close to this spot I stood on a black sand beach for a few minutes and observed the waves crashing in. Such power and rugged magnificence.

      Call into Northern Ireland on your way! You might find solitude in a pint of the black and white too!

  4. Just love this Anita…..Restrained, simple, my kind of image…. oops Jenny already said that!!

    Kendra went to Iceland and came back saying “Dad you have to go there”

    And regarding the “Responsibility” part – if this lighthouse handles its responsibility with half the calmness and poise that you handle yours then the seas are very safe.

    • Thank you. Kendra’s right! Actually three of you want to go – how about a ‘field trip’?

      As regards responsibility, well the light usually continues to shine, sometimes a bit dimmer!

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