The Esplanade 2

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Feb 242017
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The interesting thing is our quiet places are often not that for others, they are a busy space, a place of excitement and joy. All places are different to all people.

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  1. Lines or stripes everywhere here! Still haven’t knuckled down my inspirational place here but I do know it’s associated with water! I met a lady today who is trying to come up with a new business name and I suggested she went to her ‘inspirational’ place and told her about your first photo! She likes water too. Sound, smell, surf, water, ocean, beach were her keywords.

  2. One thing is constant – the lady on the bench, in her own thoughts, lonely in the last image, pensive in this one – all driven by the perceptions created by the activity around her – last image an old man this image young vibrant couple. Changes everything for me. Love that we just have the chin of the lady jutting out, and her foot clinging to her jandal for dear life. Same elements such a different story and feel, again nostalgia with the tone. Excellent series Ferg. I love them so far. What next?

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