The Esplanade 1

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Feb 232017
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I have a spot I go to when I need inspiration, I think we all do. This isn’t it but its an alternative that’s a lot closer than the other.

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  1. Great timing with this photo Ferg! A lovely balance, symmetry and connection. I’m wondering where my spot for inspiration is! Hmmm.

  2. Hi Ferg, I love the narrative a bench has. Even if it is empty and in a “non-place” it tells a story of life. Here there are at least 3 stories. The history that goes with a bench, the perception of loneliness that goes with the woman on her own and the older man that walks past. My head has so many questions then I feel real empathy – I want to engage with both for very different reasons. I also love the nostalgia that comes with the tone you have used. Great image, inspirational.

  3. If this place “isnt it” then the other place must be amazing

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