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Feb 202017
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The last few days are days our family, and many others, would have much preferred had played out differently. We were evacuated from our home on Wednesday evening, by a call from the Police, because of a huge fire on the Port Hills, south of Christchurch. We had already moved a car in the afternoon in anticipation of an evacuation, and packed up what we could, ready to leave. Yes, it was hard to quickly decide what to take and what to leave. It was a surreal feeling leaving our home of 28 years, unsure of what the morning would bring. We were fortunate, our home is undamaged, and we came home on Sunday, after the cordon was lifted. Our daughter was happy to have us and she didn’t send us to a welfare evacuation centre! Perhaps putting a roast in the oven for dinner when she came home from work did the trick!

We bought her a bunch of sunflowers. They were a photographic beautiful distraction as we, along with many others, watched and waited. What we needed were rain flowers not sun flowers, but these cheerful blooms lifted our spirits.

This is the first of three posts about sunflowers. I chose this one for the first post because the feeling of movement conveys the speed with which the fire travelled, and the hairs on the leaves look like grass on the hills.

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  1. Hey Jenny, glad the house is ok. Look forward to the series.

  2. Hi Jenny and welcome. So glad it all worked out well for you. I can’t image what the stress must have been like. I love your image and how it relates to your experience. Colours a fire-like and the shapes are also flame-like. Wonderful.

  3. What a relief for you, Jenny. All a little too close and very frightening. I don’t dare to imagine what Mother Nature will throw at us next. I like this meaningful abstract.

  4. Great to hear that all is well in Cashmere.

    This image is an excellent example of how photography (and all art for that matter) is created from the artists experience and manifests as something different.

    Had I simply seen the image I would have found it pleasing but knowing the circumstances I can see the story unfolding as well.

  5. It reminds me of goose bumps! Am quite sure the adrenaline was pumping hard.

    I recall 6 years ago today (22 Feb 2011) that same feeling – what do we need to take with us as we abandoned Christchurch to head to Dunedin. Unsure if we’d even get out of town, unsure when or even if we’d come back. Actually, what we left with in the car was the most valuable – our 3 boys at that time, myself and David. Would have been devastated to have lost photos for sure but I think the majority of our ‘stuff’ could have been replaced over time. Just material goods.

    Nice series of photos Jenny, speaking volumes when you know your perspective. Glad all was ok with your home. You were in my thoughts.

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