Beauty, 18 February 2017

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Feb 182017
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I thought that the aGathering “reset” was a good opportunity for me to think about why I make photographs. Some years ago I sat down in a fit of frustration as I was making no progress with my creative expression. Felt like a headless chook running in every direction achieving nothing. Feel familiar? Stop! yelled my frustrated organised self – there has to be a better way. So, like any good organised sort I asked myself – “If you could only photograph one thing, what would it be?” If I could think of that, then it had to be my top priority and focus – headless chook would grow a head and focus. My rebellious, disorganised gremlin took over immediately and said – “good try mate, you know that will not happen.” I immediately took a sword to that gremlin – the time had come to fix this aimless photography. As soon as I did that I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of what really makes my heart and soul sing – BEAUTY. I love beauty, it fills me up with the wonder of the world we live it, it fills me up with happiness when I surround myself with beautiful people and I feel positive and elated when i do beautiful things for others and myself. So, here we go – like a favourite colour or a favourite shape, beauty is a favourite subject. Not a sole focus but my primary focus when I do not have the time to do anything else.

The last two image are about reflection of the beauty in my life. The beautiful people and beautiful experiences I have had with them. Today’s posting is a great representation of the style I have generated as I focus on beauty. The whole landscape was beautiful and I could have made the classic grand statement with an image of the “grand landscape”. I chose not to, Why? Well because I stopped and thought about what was actually generating the very strong feeling this place and time created in my being. If I could identify the key elements of the landscape that generated my response that is all I wanted to photograph. In this instance I knew it was not the grand landscape but the hint of the landscape, the colour and cloud shapes and lines. That was MY world at that particular moment – one little singularity, not multiple layers like in the previous images, but the simplicity of the relationships between 3 elements. I love the result and I love that i took the time to feel and understand before I pushed the shutter. I welcome you into MY world.

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  5 Responses to “Beauty, 18 February 2017”

  1. Bruce, I have thoroughly enjoyed your three images. I think you have welcomed me into your world even better than before. With the new format I found that I was thinking more broadly and deeply than before when working out what I would post.
    From the insight I have gained from your posts I suspect it is the same for you.
    Re your reference to the need for focus, I think I have referred to these quotes before but here goes again:
    “You can do anything but not everything.”
    “No more Yes. it’s either HELL YEAH. Or No.” Derek Sivers
    Or “Don’t ask ‘What do I have to give up’, but ask ‘What do I want to go big on’.”

    • Thank you John, i thoroughly enjoyed your works too. You got it exactly the way I feel – more succinctly though! GOOD Maxims for life generally I think. I am enjoying this format too. It certainly has made me think more deeply and to actually try and say something. I am excited!

    • Thanks for this great reminder, John. I have the second maxim ingrained in my brain! I needed that reminder about the other two!

  2. Every one of the images in this new cycle has upped that anti………… I think you have nailed it with the words “the time had come to fix this aimless photography”


    This is simply beautiful

  3. I love it. Stuck for words. That’s not like me!

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