Memories, June 2016

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Feb 172017
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In keeping with my them of yesterday – Reflections from the past, all associated with home in one way or another. In June last year we spent some time in Fiona’s home village, in the Southwest of England. Fiona was born in the house her parents still live in and it has hardly changed during her life. In fact, her bedroom is largely as she left it late in her teenage years. Every time we visit we sleep in it and I marvel at how that consistency has been with at least one person in my family. The curtains Fiona made when she was a little girl, the hula hoop hanging behind her door is the one she used as a little girl too. As I lay in bed one morning reflecting on herstory in this room I felt very close to Fiona and felt compelled to capture at least some of the aspects of this home before aged parents pass and the home changes forever. So, using my iPhone, so as not to impose, I captured a perspective on 155 High Street and made a book for Fiona so nothing is lost to time. Largely the images are simple, no frills, as that is the nature of the place and the people who live and have lived in it. This image is more a reflection of my awe that we could still sleep in a room with childhood history and memories wherever you look. My presentation tries to capture that feeling.

In many ways this must have been inspired by Jenny’s image “Fern (the things my mother taught me)”. I had forgotten that image until it came up in her retrospective and I knew there was a link.

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  1. Lovely layering! Just like the layers of life, adding on year after year. One of the things about moving away from home and your home country is that you change, things you see around you change, then you come back home and it feels like it hasn’t changed at all. Sometimes that’s because it literally hasn’t. It’s an aggregation of time. Yet, time stands still in that one place. Actually that connection becomes stronger when someone close to you passes away. I look at my brothers house, relatively unchanged since my mum passed away in 2011. Recently, I suggested replacing his lounge curtains but he wanted to keep them. He said they were still ok, but underneath it all I think he wanted to keep that connection to our mum who chose them. Great that you made a book for Fiona, that’s very precious and will become more so!

    • Thanks Anita, I really appreciate your comments and insights. Funny bow curtains take on such a significance in life. i keep trying to pull them back but they have a story to tell! I love that I MADE FIONA HER BOOK. When I made it and gave it I had a sense it was one of the mot important things I could have done at that time.

  2. I think this is a charming tender image with a great story. Memories are so important especially of people and places that are no longer part of our daily lives. Bruce, I think you must have a very well organized photographic archival system and I envy you that. I have a friend who has worked for long periods in many places in the world and although now living in a country other than his birth place, also has a home in Christchurch as his wife’s family still live here. He has just lost many of his life’s treasured possessions in the recent fire on the Port Hills. He does have many of his photos stored in the cloud and on his websites. This fire is a very strong reminder that we should not only store our favourite and important photos online and off site, and if we have made those archival prints which we are told will last 100 years or more if printed correctly and stored correctly, then we should store them not only off site away from our computer but maybe also in a fire proof safe! Do you have any suggestions to share for the best cloud storage sites?

  3. Hi Barbara, I am so sorry to hear of your friends loss. Christchurch has sure had more than its fair share of disaster in the last years. I do hope he is able to recover all is work. As for me, well, I try to be as organised as I can. I have two copies of my photographs at home – on separate disks and then I have everything backed up on the cloud. I use Acronis. The initial upload took ages as I have so much data but it is done quickly, every day, after that. I can access my backup from anywhere via the internet. I hope to goodness it is good enough! You can get full details at

  4. tired of cruising news sites this morning I decided to try something different, and as Bruce given me his laptop to use (as mine is heading for the laptop cemetery – sounds simple but it took hours of transferring all my years of accumulated treasured electronic junk…) this site came up as a “favourite” 🙂

    the book that Bruce made me is one of the best, if not the best, gift that I have ever received. He was very sneaky (!) when we were staying with my parents and managed to get the most wonderful images of memories and people in my childhood home without any of us realising what he was up to. It lives in our living room so I can often enjoy turning its pages and enjoying images that take me back home.

    so thank you wonderful husband – I love you

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