Feb 162017
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As we pack up the home our children grew up in, it is without effort that we find ourselves reflecting on the memories created within these walls. The love and development. Here is an image of Megan, our youngest daughter, who seemed quiet and deep thinking, quite cautious as a young girl. The painting I have presented with her is one painted by her brother for her. He has great insight as to what is needed when. I think he knew that his sister was watching him so when he made the painting for her, the trigger was pulled. I am so proud of how our children have grabbed life. We will leave something special behind here but so much lives in our hearts and minds as we set up our lives to “take the risk of living”, which Megan has done with all her ability.

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  2 Responses to ““Taking the risk of living”, 16 Feb 2017”

  1. Bruce, a strong message from one sibling to another. Something for Megan to cherish.
    And something for all of us to live up to.
    The colours give a warmth to the message.

  2. This just exudes pride in your kids!! (justifiable pride I might add) …… and for me being proud of your kids is one of the best things you can be.

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