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Feb 142017
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My three images (yesterday, today and tomorrow) are of a public sculpture in High Street in Christchurch. It is called ‘Nucleus’ and it is a bright red circle in four quadrants that move about more or less randomly. It’s geometric shape is right down my alley – make a strong high contrast image highlighting the shape and bright colour.
But sub-consciously my intent to capture elements of strong design had been softening a little i.e. still strongly interested in design but not necessarily wanting to depict it dramatically. As I slowly became aware of this ‘inclination’ I decided to try and capture the movement of the sculptural pieces and because they appear to move so effortlessly to get a softer, lighter image.
So this captures another position the sculpture was in using long exposure.

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  2 Responses to “Nucleus”

  1. ah this is refreshing. What a great way to start them off John

  2. This gives a sense of what it actually is – I recognised the sculpture before I read your words. But that is a Cantabrian perspective….

    You have certainly captured what it feels like to watch this sculpture move – the whole thing is effortless and seems to float.

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