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Feb 112017
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We have said “Goodbye” to Scott, Pauline and Vicki (although Vicki is staying on as an Artist in Residence).

Now we have said “Hello” to Anita and Jenny so we are set to launch into the new year with a new look aGathering.

So on top of all that we are going to change the way the posting rotation works.

The idea is that each contributor has 3 days in a row to post. The rotation consequently spreads out.

We may decide to put up 3 completely different images, 3 in a series, 3 different processing treatments of 1 image or even just let 1 image stand for the three days

The new rotation will also contain Artist in Residence and Guest posts as before.

We start again on Monday 13th, with John Suckling leading the way……….

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