Northern Lights

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Feb 102017
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Greetings Everyone!

I have chosen this photograph as my first post to link with my Artist Statement. In Northern Ireland we get a lot of rain and that means dense cloud cover! Aurora borealis rarely stretches this far south either to give a display, never mind a strong display. As such our chances of getting to see an aurora at all are very slim.

However, everything came together on New Years Eve 2016 to give an outstanding show of Northern Lights. In reality, it was building, dancing and retreating for almost 45 minutes. I was in awe. Standing in my own garden, I didn’t even have to travel anywhere! When I tell people I photographed them from my garden, I’m met with raised eyebrows.

It was a monumental moment. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and power of what was surrounding me, the privilege of watching it and the connectedness to not just other photographers experiencing it but to the universe. I felt very small in that grand scheme.

I guess our creativity is like an aurora. It comes and goes, sometimes a strong display, other times weak. Sometimes non-existent. Sometimes the busyness of life represents clouds that get in the way, our creativity is under there we just can’t get it to shine through.

We all know the photographs that have moved us to tears in their making. I’m sure I’m not alone for that!

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  8 Responses to “Northern Lights”

  1. This is stunning Anita. It is a beautiful reminder that we really are just specks of dust in the overall scheme of things. Thank you.

  2. And another thing about Creativity – sometimes it happens in your own backyard when you least expect it!!

    • Thank you Ian. I added a portfolio day as part of Belfast Festival two years ago and one of the commentators suggested to start at home, somewhere you know best! That’s how my book series originated! Anita

  3. You were so lucky to witness this spectacle, Anita. It is beautiful

  4. Great image Anita but also so nice you have been able to share such a wonderful moment to others so far away.

    • Thanks John. Of course that’s where my passion for photography originated too! Wanting to share something lovely that I’ve seen with others. Anita

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