Back to Basics – REVISITED

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Feb 072017
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After another extended period of busy, I took some time to get out and sleep in my tent for a couple of nights. I was quickly reminded how easy it is to decompress when the trappings of daily life with chores and stores at every corner are removed. Spending just 2 nights out revealed how the base needs of water, food and shelter can occupy the mind in a healthy way. What would normally be perceived as a hassle of needing to sort out the things we take for granted every day became a true pleasure as it replaced the stress of all the other stuff modern conveniences transformed in to pressing issues.

Fresh air, perspective on life’s true priorities and time to just sit and think need to be given much more attention.

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  1. The wonder of nature takes over. Love the outdoors & have been running around in them since I was 4 years old. My dad was a fanatic tramper so my sister & I were dragged along on many trips into the Scottish wilderness, I still do it I love the peace & quiet.It allows your head to breath. My patient wife & myself are planning a 14 day trip in Fiordland over the Xmas period. We will be carrying all our food for this time,& tent. Hope the weather isnt too bad but there is nothing we can do about that. Cant wait.

  2. away from phone, txt and email is a good place to be

  3. Your pictures are always so balanced I’m not surprised by your need to tip the scales when life gets too much. You’re one of the lucky ones, too many people don’t know where to go to get the white space. And speaking of that, I really love the way you use negative space in your pictures. This balance here between rich colours, perspective and the rocky outcrops versus the nothingness of the mist is magical.

  4. I really like this image Dave. Walking the ridge between two different worlds.
    From you words it might be the foggy bullshit of work , stress , things that are physical but are part of life on one side. Physical hard reality of eat , breath, the land and gravity on the other .

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