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I suppose that storms have had a huge role to play in my life. Growing up in Africa it was the thunderstorms, 20 years in New Zealand it has been the great southerly storm rolling into the mountains. Here I felt reverent, I felt the power of nature and I felt a child again. So, an important retrospective for me.

I have taken the liberty to represent this image. The one I originally published http://agathering.co.nz/2015/08/03/pukakai-storm-20-july-2015/ was dark and brooding, to heavy for the way I recall feeling. Funny how time tends to temper things for us. This representation sits much more comfortably with me now. It has the power but also a gently beauty that feel about the space. I juxtaposition I know, but then life does that to us.

Original text:
In May last year I visited the same place and made an image of a storm in the mountains. In my posting I noted that:

“Every time I go out with my camera I hope for the magic that takes an ordinary scene to one that lifts my soul to dizzying heights. A place of reverence. A symphony playing its magic on the landscape, creating a moment that sears the mind. A special moment so rare to find, so fleeting and easy to miss. I live for these beautiful moments that reveal something special about the landscape and illuminate feelings deeply buried, they fill me with awe and inspiration. Something revealed. For just an instant I feel God’s beautiful breath as it warms my soul, I feel frighteningly alive, changed forever.”

I never thought that on my very next visit a storm would come racing across the same lake, having the same effect on me as experienced the last time. This time it was not the “thin blue line” that got a hold of my soul but the power of the storm. My treatment of this tries to bring out the energy I witnessed from the outside AND the energy I felt on the inside. “For just an instant I feel God’s beautiful breath as it warms my soul, I feel frighteningly alive, changed forever”.

How lucky we are to live in a place like we do.

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