Feb 012017
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This is one picture that not only encapsulates some intense feeling for me, based on timing and reasons for making it, but is all about elements that really resonate for me, symbolically for definite, but exact meaning to me I’m less sure about.

This was my Mum’s house, two months after she had died. I was feeling pretty bewildered – she wasn’t meant to have gone. We’d already had “THE” discussion, and she’d decided that she’d be there for at least another 5 years, so I was completely unprepared for her departure.

So to the symbols. Shadows. The Veil. And plants. I’m still not sure I understand their significance for me. But the view through a veiled window, watching plant shadows dance is one of the most beautiful I could ever imagine. And something I look to create wherever I live.

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  1. This is a most beautiful image Jen. It rests comfortably and meaningfully in my heart too.

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