Jan 302017
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Old picture, new words.

Looking back to find three works for the next three days has been enlightening, as I’m sure everyone else has found. Some pictures stay relevant no matter how much we move on. They hold a truth that is strong within us.

I have noticed that the pictures that resonate so strongly with me still relate to themes of less is more, shadows (or that space in between reality and spirit where nothing and everything is real) and the plant world. An indicator and inspiriation to keep going.

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  One Response to “Te kete aronui, Te kete tuauri, Te kete tuatea – Retrospective”

  1. Hi Jen, I find this fascinating. I do not respond to this in the same way you do – I have in the past had to look out from deep shadows where ghosts lurk. I do not see that as a positive space. I do have a positive attitude though and always look for the light. Leonard Cohen’s words spring to mind “There is a crack in everything, and that is what lets the light get in”. So for me this image is about looking from the inside to the outside, into the light. It makes me happy to see good shadows in the light too. Inspirational.

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