RETROSPECTIVE: A Moment in Time.

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Jan 212017
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Its difficult sitting down to select three images Ive gone for three images that changed my thinking in some way (thanks so much Ian what a silly idea)

Every image we make captures a moment in time, a feeling, a memory and this particular image captures a life changing moment.
The moment it captured was precisely 12.51pm on the 22nd of February 2011, a year ago today. The day that Christchurch collapsed. It was taken a split second before I grabbed on to the back of our car in terror as the shaking took hold.
It was also the day a lot of lives were lost and a whole lot more suddenly changed and scarred forever.
Among the aGathering group we lost homes, jobs, businesses and most importantly of all friends.
Today I think of all those effected and hope that there is a brighter future ahead for us all.

Life is great, enjoy it.

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