Dawn at Deakons – REVISITED

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Jan 202017
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Looking up into the Jungle above from about 20 ft underwater. Full of hope and exciting possibilities.

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  7 Responses to “Dawn at Deakons – REVISITED”

  1. This is how I think spanning different worlds might look like

  2. indeed!! Love it

  3. This is just amazing. Its capturing the source of all things, light, matter, our world.

  4. I feel like I am floating in space – which, of course, you were….

  5. Fascinating! I tried to imagine what and how before I read your words, but gave up and just enjoyed the light show.

  6. Such a unique image. Wonderful

  7. Tim, I have enjoyed your selection of the three images.
    They reflect so strongly the Tim I know – strong deep message expressed so graphically.

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