The Executioner – REVISITED

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Jan 192017
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This was one of the images that I made up at castle hill around the time agathering started. It was a cathartic exercise to help deal with the red zoning of our community. It is an image that keeps popping up at the moment.

The mask that hides the executioner from his real actions can take many forms. Whether it is a layer black cloth or a layer of bureaucracy…… the executioner still takes peoples lives. Even though he might be “just doing his job”, often for purely political reasons, ……he still takes peoples lives. Who are the guilty?, the king who orders the death?, the clerk who does the paperwork?, or the man who swings the axe?
The mask is there to isolate him from his real actions. But is he deluded enough to think that the mask hides him from the view of his god?

For those people who have had there lives taken from them, both literally and figuratively, may the executioners receive there karmic dues. Mr Brownlee.


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  One Response to “The Executioner – REVISITED”

  1. When I first saw this image it was the executioner who jumped from the page.

    However now I see a cats face, a grumpy Tom cat but still just a pussy.

    I’m sure if you have the opportunity and the determination to stare down the latest executioner then he will turn into a pussy as well…….

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