Passage of Time – REVISITED

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Jan 182017
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Souls emerging from the tunnel of time. Passing through the physical world.

Our physical world weathers, grows and decays, is destroyed and recreated in it’s own time.

We only pass through changing a little as we go.

My intention when making this image was to talk about how people have lived for many many generations in some cities. Through war and natural disaster, through political and technical changes. But things are rebuilt and another generation occupies that space.

However the image seems to contain much more.

What is behind the doors?…… Death?….. A exit from the physical world.

Is that a minus and plus sign above them?

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  4 Responses to “Passage of Time – REVISITED”

  1. I often think of just what has occupied the actual space that Im standing in at any one time.
    When were we in Paris I stood on (as near as I could work out) to the spot the little Austrian corporal had stood in that iconic photo and contemplated just what had happened over time on this exact spot on our planet.
    Scary when you think of it.

  2. I keep returning to your image, Tim, and it is powerful in its portrayal of time passing – not just the movement we see, but also the strength apparent in the old building. It makes me think of other forces out there impacting on our lives but which we are not aware of at the time. History teaches us a lot doesn’t it . . .

  3. Tim, I have not fully resolved what it is about this image that grabs me, but I find it both immediately engaging and requesting my attention to give it a second and third look. You have combined technical execution with excellent composition and something to say. This could easily hang on my wall for quite a while.

  4. How wonderful to capture the apparent reality of our existence. I love your work Tim and keep coming back to soak it up.

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