Honour The Weave

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Jan 162017
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A single thread can seem incredibly fragile but to me it possesses powerful attributes.

If the thread runs true, if it keeps an inner integrity and strength, it can then run in parallel to similar threads and be the basis for a strong weave of fabric. The thread can be of one brilliant colour, or delicately muted, or shining white, or black as the void, but more likely it will be of many colours just as we reflect and respond to our lives.

The threads of the warp need to be strong and true to wrap around the loom, to hold their place there and provide the means for the weft, (the threads that weave back and forward through it), to create a woven fabric. When we weave our lives we are interlacing threads. These threads may be stories, memories, adventures, friends, enemies, love songs, heartbreaks, frustrations or successes, the twigs and straws of our lives that form the weave that is us. Our lives are like a single thread.

I think there are times we need to be like the warp, to understand our purpose and how to hold our place in it, to be the strength for other people to draw on, to inspire others, to give love and to be there to be leaned on. But we also need to be like the weft. How rich the tapestry is when it is filled with many vibrant colours, of differing shades and tones, of textures rough and sheer. But it is hard to be that single thread, that single stitch, and be able to see the tapestry, the fabric in its entirety. And maybe the single thread doesn’t need to see the completed fabric, they just need to know that they are part of a bigger design but oh so necessary to be there, to hold the warp and the weft in place. To honour the weave.

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