The Friendship Tree

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Jan 102017
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When MJ came to visit me in hospital she seemed to be a little apprehensive. I can understand that – the things that happened to me were a bit scary. Perhaps I imagined her apprehension, but if I didn’t I do hope that she felt better after we talked and laughed together.

Her visit was very special – she brought me a tree.

The tree became a focus point in my hospital room. A lot of staff and visitors commented on it and nurses took turns to water it.

But this tree represents more than that for me.

The tree is a physical representation of the huge amount of help and energy that I received while I was in hospital and I continue to receive now.

People from far and wide, friends old and new, have reached out to me, to Ailsa and to Kendra.

Your support has kept me positive and being positive has made me stronger.

Thank you

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