The Journey

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Dec 252016
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I want to share the advice given to me recently as I make this my last post as a regular contributor to the aGathering group. This image is how I see myself at this moment – just like the very small figure in the bottom left hand corner – carrying a most precious gift forward into my journey.

“You have been given the breath of life, the opportunity to heal old hurts and move beyond the shadows of the past. Travel forward in the joy that is founded in movement and the wonder of change. Seek the truth of your journey. Move smoothly on the bow wave of your life and go with grace. When you are in your element, working and living within your passion, you will be free to ride the storm winds and plunge unheeding through the tumult of the waves. This is the call now. To shift into the realm that honours your dream. To see the wider world and travel its promise. This time heralds an important moment of alignment with your higher self. Creation is you; it is reborn of your heart and your dreams. The courage for that journey is awakened – go, ride the waves, sing to the sky and greet the world with a smile.”

I would like to end with a request to each person who sees this post – would you share the answer to this question with me – “What is the most precious thing that you carry through your life ?”

Arohanui, Pauline.

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  3 Responses to “The Journey”

  1. The love of the people I care for.

  2. Gratitude. For the people, events and important things in my life.

  3. Passion…for life and for the people i love.

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