Indian guard

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Dec 242016
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I don’t know if he was a policeman or a guard of some sort. He was standing at the entrance to the fort in Jodhpur. He looked very stern and I would not have thought to approach him had I not seen locals standing next to him to have their photo taken. From his perfectly perched hat, his waxed moustache, and glittering earrings – he is simply splendid!

This will be my last post on aGathering for at least a little while. I have a new job – don’t ask, it’s not interesting! – and feel all signs of creativity have gone into hiding. However, they will come back.

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  2 Responses to “Indian guard”

  1. Vicki its been a great journey traveling with your portraits. I think the rest of the group have enjoyed it as much as me. Back in your early posts I was intrigued with your clever post processing skills and was inspired to look further into the possibilities of photo shop. That challenge from group members was one of the huge pleasures of belonging to the aGathering group. I’m looking forward to seeing another image from you down the track as one of the ” guests “.

  2. Vicki, really enjoyed your portrait series. If you have the room they would make a great mini gallery. Otherwise an album.
    Maybe now you are back in NZ some other things could evolve as well.
    Hope to see some images in the future.

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