Woman in the Wall – Karen Lawton

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Dec 222016
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The Woman in the Wall is a found object. She existed on a wall panel in a corridor at Unitec.
I love the contradiction in her stance and the way that viewers puzzle over which was she is standing.
I had this image printed on aluminium composite board, 1 metre high (life size for her) and I think she looks amazing on that material.
The Woman in the Wall no longer exists. Unitec’s R&M squad painted her out.

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  5 Responses to “Woman in the Wall – Karen Lawton”

  1. Hi Karen
    what an interesting image. before i read your comment, i thought it was a hole in the wall and her body was the texture of the wall in the next room.
    I bet it does look great printed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Kare, Thanks for sharing with us. I love your abstraction here. Leaves so much to the viewer to decide for themselves. I attribute many characteristics to your “Woman in the Wall” and even develop a high degree of empathy. I also love that it is monochrome.

  3. Karen, love the abstract nature of this image – and so good in monochrome.

  4. Typo in my words above…… which WAY she is standing……
    Thank you for your comments.
    Perhaps – I think now – I should have titled her “Enigma”.

  5. So magic. Thank you for sharing this and would love to see your printed version. Considering the scale of the print is something I think is often overlooked, and particularly when it is directly coupled with our reading of the content.

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