Finding Alignment

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Dec 142016
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Fear fuels the power of the conscious mind. Fear drives the perfectionist who is afraid of criticism. Fear moves the workaholic who is afraid of failure. Fear paralyses the procrastinator who is afraid of success. It is time to let go and allow the shift that shakes loose the burden of fear. Be at peace with yourself, be bold, and call up the courage to step beyond. Fly freely.

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  5 Responses to “Finding Alignment”

  1. Pauline, this has been my VERY conscious activity for the last 2 years. You have captured this so well and I am very excited and inspired by your image and words. Thank you

  2. Thanks for the feedback Bruce, as always they are genuine, considered and thoughtful. I’m glad to have been able to share my images with you and impressed that you have found them inspiring – a photographer couldn’t ask for much more.

  3. Pauline, you always go very deep in words and images – which provokes and make me think. I especially like the last words: “fly freely”.
    I have just gone through all your posts again. it was a wonderful journey. Ones that had a big impact visually (irrespective of your words) were the ones where you move further from a ‘straight’ photo. I especially like your work where most is your artwork.
    One more post I think – I will be very sorry to see you go.

    • Thanks John I value your comments and there are certainly emotional regrets at leaving the group. It will be a bit strange checking in to the group and keeping an eye on what you are posting.

  4. Your words are very powerful Pauline. From the above posts I “fear” that you will be moving on to other pastures. I will also be sad to see you go as I have always enjoyed your images and emotional and thoughtful words. Thank you for your insights and opening your heart and mind to this group. I have learned a lot from you and wish you well in your future endeavours.

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