Finding Other Worlds

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You are all you see, all you don’t see, and more than you could dream to be. You are your teacher.

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  3 Responses to “Finding Other Worlds”

  1. “You are your teacher”. I am not sure I understand this part Pauline. Do you mean that we only grow by learning, by getting feedback or insight and taking that on board. Sometimes we can do that by ourselves but usually we need the input from others.

    • We attract and repel people, ideas and experiences by the unique characteristics we bring to the world when we are born. The combination and interaction with these facets of our lives determine the lessons that we bring to ourselves and teach us on a multitude of levels according to our ability to learn the lessons. We are our own teachers.

  2. Very philosophical.
    I too think that we are our teachers, but we also can’t help learning from outside sources as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed all posts from your site especially the variety and the format that allows me to consider the day’s post, often in depth. I imagine that you’ve all learnt from each other and while i don’t expect the agathering to last forever, I hope you don’t ever get to the stage where you decide that the reason for ending is that there is nothing new to be learnt.

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