Dec 022016
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We hired a tuk tuk and driver for a day out from Jaipur. He recommended this temple, which is commonly known as the monkey temple because of the main inhabitants. Thankfully the monkeys here were better behaved than those we’d come across elsewhere and it was easy and safe to get close to them and photograph them jumping into the pools – the temple is situated here because of the pools that collect spring water. But I digress.
This young man is one of several young priests stationed around the temple complex. He invited us into a building to view a shrine and he tied pieces of coloured string around our wrists and said what we took to be a short prayer over each. I indicated I’d like to photograph him and he agreed, though he doesn’t look terribly happy about it. I rarely capture more than one image of a person these days, especially when I can’t talk to them and explain why I’m taking more and I didn’t feel comfortable taking more in this case. Luckily he was not one to blink.

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