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Nov 302016
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This image was created during my post graduate studies at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I was exploring the nexus between Photography and Cinema and wanted to see what could be borrowed from the world of Cinema and incorporated into the world of Photography to help convey a more compelling narrative. Ultimately the research led me to the use of particular aspect ratios, quite large scale prints and the use of older cinematic techniques, in particular rear projection, to construct worlds that were neither real nor unreal. This image was inspired by Richard Linklater’s film Before Sunrise.

I also attached an install shot for reference of scale.

Projecting Photo/Cinema
Projecting Photo/Cinema is a body of work that is staging an encounter between photography and cinema. The work explores, interrogates and appropriates the relationship between still and moving images, frozen moments and temporal shifts.

Using rear-projection, mise en scène and montage strategies, I restage familiar cinematic stories, positioning myself and other figures in cinematic spaces that we weren’t a part of, yet project ourselves onto.

In constructing these images, I borrow the codes of pictorial representation that informs narrative cinema from Hollywood melodramas to Hong Kong urban art films in reimagined Photo/Cinema worlds that pose questions about the place of screen texts in our lives.

But while the cinematic audience is stilled in front of a moving film, in the gallery it is my cinematic scaled images that are stilled, and the audience is what moves and becomes immersed at the in-between space of photography and cinema.

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  1. Hi Andrey, thanks for sharing this exciting work with us. I had never thought of the photo/cinema boundary before even though I have explored all sorts of boundaries in my photography. Very interesting and thought provoking. Fantastic to have an exhibition to go with your studies.

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