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Nov 202016
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Kendra and I went to the square between the old palace and the new cathedral in Madrid. In the mid-afternoon, such a place should be full of people but there was virtually no one there. Turns out that there was a public holiday as it was the day of the election.

However this guy was busking… to almost no one. He seemed to be playing simply for the joy of being there.

I put a handful of euros in his cap, made a few images and simply enjoyed his playing.

Hi joy was contagious….

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  3 Responses to “Violin Player”

  1. I love moments like that and images like this that reflect them so well.

  2. playing for sheer joy and also sitting in the only spot with shade 🙂

  3. Nice feeling of depth. Such a contrast to most travel photos of town squares where there are usually heaps of people.

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