Nov 172016
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I had in mind other work for this post, but when it came down to it, after the week that has been, this one stuck out for me.

What can I say? We have spent the week watching, both horrified and fascinated by the evidence that Mother Nature has so much to say when she wishes. And we ants on the surface of the planet can’t do a damn thing about it. Our love, every minute, has gone to those affected, and our admiration for the strength of individuals, and community. Kia Kaha to you all.

There is always a place to grow from.

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  2 Responses to “Lemna Minor ?(Duckweed) Mitimiti Beach, Hokianga – October 2016”

  1. Lovel words, Jen. Definitely shaken but not stirred as they say! Resiliance reigns in this part of the mainland 😀

  2. Yes Jen, true admiration for the response of individuals and organisations involved.
    What a contrast between your depiction of nature and the one showing in the images from the earthquake.

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