Alone – Meg Lipscombe

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Nov 142016
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We have been travelling for the past four months through Europe and have
seen such amazing landscapes and architecture, but this image taken on a
Sunday afternoon in the North German City of Kiel is one that I keep
thinking about. There were crowds in the centre of the city and as we walked
back to the motorhome along the paved areas I spotted this girl surrounded
by huge billboards of upcoming events, sitting all alone. She appeared to be
lost in her thoughts. It left me with many questions.

Out of interest, I have been using my small handbag camera, Sony RX100 4
when we are out walking, rather than my Canon..maybe age is catching up!!
But have been very pleased with the results.

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  3 Responses to “Alone – Meg Lipscombe”

  1. You have chosen a great angle for this shot. I like how the cobbles in the foreground go at an angle and then vertical behind the person sitting on the seat. Great shot.

  2. Especially juxtaposed against the socially acceptable “norm” of the beautiful and bland faces behind her, showing the world that they are always happy, the way we could be too if only we bought into the machine. She seems to be the only soft thing in the picture, vulnerable. John had it on the graphics and composition!

  3. Love the way the ground rolls through the picture, lots going on here. Nice

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