Glory – Abe Mora

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Nov 082016
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As your passport is a gateway to the world, so is a camera to the hidden beauty that so frequently is gifted through an invisible world, light becomes an obsession and decisive moments become opportunity. This photo named “Glory”, taken from the summit of Ben Nevis in Scotland is an example of where my camera takes me, the stamp on my passport and my excuse when there is no other excuse, to discover.

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  5 Responses to “Glory – Abe Mora”

  1. Abe, you know how to find the light! Looks great.

  2. Welcome Abe. I am so pleased to be able to introduce you to our group, and thank you for sharing. I love the way you bring drama into your landscapes and especially pleased you manage to do it in a square format too.

    • Thank you Bruce for featuring me as a guest this week, I love square format and the light on the mountain was too perfect an opportunity to miss.

  3. Thanks for joining us Abe, some more inspiring work to follow. I love the detail, and play between the lit foreground and that monochromatic background. Beautiful landscape.

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