Not the usual architectural shot

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Nov 052016
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We were at the new World Trade Centre site making images. But so many millions have done the same. So here is my take of one of the buildings. Although not true in this case, I often don’t give context because, like many of my images, it could be anywhere. I like it when that happens.

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  1. John, I am always impressed by ow much you remove in order to say so much more with your photography. I love that you try to present something often seen and photographed in your own way. Inspirational.

  2. I love the lightness of this and the subtle graduations.

  3. What Bruce said 😀. and Tim for that matter. This could almost be a pencil sketch

  4. You have reduced what could have been another take on an icon to its simplest form and given this building the Suckling touch. I like the high key rendition

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