Nov 032016
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“What!?!? Did you see that??!!!”
“No way! You’ve got to be kidding!!!”
“Oh dear”
“I’m so over this”

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  5 Responses to “Dogs, Dogs, Dogs – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. What I like is that there are always someone who is not interested and look the other way.

  2. Love it – that old dude in the middle is the one that caught my eye. He is interested but has an “seen that before ….” kind of look on his face.

  3. Haha, John – so right! 🙂
    Ian, I agree. You get exactly what I thought. That’s why I put ‘Yep’ for him 🙂
    heehee 🙂

  4. Farm dogs have always given me lots of pleasure. This is a wonderful lineup 🙂

  5. Ann, great personality here. Even dogs have it in abundance and so often we look past that. Great photo – had me laughing too 🙂

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