Oct 252016
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Sometimes in real life things go the wrong way.
When I made this image I thought it looked quite good. Later, on the computer, I was not so keen. But recently I wanted another image to go as part of a set on the wall and I revisited this image.
With the advantage of ‘fresh eyes’ I saw the problem. In the real world the person was walking the wrong way!
Now it is on the wall.

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  4 Responses to “Sometimes in real life things go the wrong way”

  1. his direction adds just the right tension relative to the left curving line. Also love that you only see the outline of his uppr body through the backlighting. look forward to seeing on your wall. 🙂

  2. I think that means you must be reading it as a story, from left to right.
    The person is on a mission with papers and movement. Not taking the option of sitting down. Not being swept away by the strong flow of the road nor fighting it, but ferry gliding across the current. A worthwhile story. That’s my take anyway.

  3. We are conditioned in the western (aka “real”) world to read from left to right and often it just doesn’t work if our image is set the other way. Unless we want to make a point and break our rules of reading. Would your set have worked if you flipped them all to read from right to left or would that have felt even worse!

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